cafe racer inspired, art deco / steampunk boat

Thought I’d upload some renderings of a cafe racer inspired, art deco / steampunk boat I’m working on in my spare time. It’s kind of meant to be sort of impractical and machine rather than human centric. It still needs a bunch of work and the seat right now is sort of just a placeholder.


Nice project! The first thing I would do is scale that up a bit, the second is making the overall form language a bit more powerful to fit the cafe racer style. Are you going to build it?

Both steam punk and cafe racers are inspired by other things. You might want to check into the source material so the inspiration is a bit more pure. Look into streamline moderne, art deco like some of the radios of Walter Dorwin Teague. i think you can up the drama on the renders as well. Any sketch process on this? I think a lot of the forms could use bit of a calligraphic touch.

Thanks for the feedback! No, not going to build it. I’m going to really detail out the renderings eventually, stick it in an environment etc.

Thanks. Yea the renderings eventually are going to get a much more dramatic touch in an environment. I think I’m also going to add some fine detail with some small painted lines like the below photo. I was really drawn the art direction from the video game dishonored 2 and was looking at that a bunch when I was planning this out. I didn’t do a ton of sketch work on this just a top and side view and a 3/4 to get the main form right and I’ve been sort of building and sketching over top of CAD from there making decisions little by little.

finished it!