Cadillac STS Concept render BETA

Hey guys, this is my latest work for my portfolio, it is a future STS concept render. This was done in photoshop with a sketch as the underlay:

What it looked like at an earlier stage:


Note: The reflections may look more prominent if you have a lower resolution monitor.

I’ll post the sketch later when I have time. But for now I’d appreciate it if you guys could help me make the render better before this guy makes the rounds at the many other forums I frequent. Thanks!

Did you render the wheels yourself, or did you super impose them into the image? The detail in the wheels is amazing. They look like they say SAAB on the center caps. I think your on track!

Haha no, I can’t render like that! But at least the car looks realistic enough so that the wheels aren’t out of place!

Well here’s the final version:

Mr. Burns,

Personally I think you did a great job. Others here may try to tear you a new one. Everyone has their own views. You’ll only get better…


It’s not abut tearing anyone a new one, it’s about getting better. To do that you need to hear what is goo, and what needs work. I love when people post their work. Just having the guts to post work in a public forum is huge and I commend that!

It’s for sure a very nice rendering job. The colors and reflections are very good.

I question the design and surfaces a bit though.

1 > Grille, looks fussy and out of place

2 > Surfaces on the lower part of the DRG (down road graphic) what is really going on down there… It looks like the sheet metal is floating?

3 > horizon line on the body side contradicts the odd kick up sculpt. (looks much better in the rear view sketch)

4 > Headlights… getting a little bored of seeing everyone render headlights this way…

5 > Design looks very evolutionary… this looks like it could have been an alternate design to the current CTS instead of the NEXT CTS… show us the future!

Overall I like the rear view sketch a lot more, it is a more descriptive perspective, and I think it pushes the current design more. Maybe explore in this view further…


I comprehend what you’re saying. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’ve noticed over on PDF that some members over there can be rough on anyone. I agree it takes guts to post your work. I would love to see Core77 have just as much action if not more over here, its time for me to ante up. I’ll get busy.

Thanks Yo! And I don’t mind critical comments, to be successful in any art related field you have to take criticism well!

1> With the grill I was trying to emphasize two things about Cadillac, their “V” in STS-V, i.e. performance, and their traditional logo:

2> well down there two layers of sheet metal overlap, flow together if you will!

3> hmm I’m not sure about this one, wouldn’t the surface under the kick up sculpt reflect the same things at the same intensity?

4> first time I’ve ever done headlights this way!

5> I was aiming for this one to be the next STS (perhaps out in a year).


Wow Nice render. Only the light could be brighter. Pretty well done.