CAD Upgrade dilemia..

I just joined a new company where they have one seat of Pro/E and we need to get a CAD package for me.

However i’m a solidworks user, and enjoy using it. so this leads us with the choice of buy one seat of Pro/e train me up and i will have to grin and bear it, or get 2 seats of SW and train the other engineer up on that and have to deal with the old data still using pro/e.

Add to this i’ve just been thrown in to a project which needs to be completed in the next 4 months and i an’t got anything yet. Add stuff is been modifed or redone in pro/e. also we are considering a PDM soultion but we an’t got no windows servers everything here is linux. We’ve had the sales/demo guys round showing there stuff. Just had the the pro/e guys, he neally made me walk out of the meeting, a complete arse!

We are however going to definetly get 1 seat Alias Studio for all concept and surfacing stuff so at least i can be happy to use that, as i am at a mideium level of ST.

My head is saying pro/e but i would love it if i could make the switch…justthought i would throw it out to the mass’s. I know lots has been postde before but thought this is a bit more a problem.

go selfish. you know SW. let them train you in Pro. another line item on the CV. take advantage of the opportunity.

especialy if it’s WildFire, then there’s not a lot to learn, just basic terminology and where to find the tools. 'Cause it’s almost the same as SW.
Just that the workflow is slowed down considerably. (which could be your point for getting SW for the company) but i think if you know Pro-E and SW you’re more marketable.

yeah it seems the sensible choice. I wouldn’t want to be responsible for all the agro of the old data.

Its just the Pro.e. guy really wound me up with their hard sell, the SW guys were far more approachible. Add to this i just spent the last couple of months getting up to speed with UG…grrr, bring back the drawing boards, you only have to decide which pen to buy then.

Yes i agree you better trained in pro/e wild can also download some tutorials fromthe net.I don’t remember now any site but if you wait until tommorow i’ll teell you.

yeah went from Pro/E …now just got to sort out some hardware.

gona test out the Dell M60 mobile workstation (aparently)

i’m thinking more of getting Apple 20" display and a dell box, any reccomendations would be good…say around a £2200/2500 budget i think i could get away for asking for that…

BTW PTC currently offers a special bundle that includes Wildfire 2 Foundation + ISDX for the price of Foundation. Digital Technologies to Transform Your Physical Products & Processes | PTC for details.

i like Pro but not thrilled w PTC. beware. my experience w their “maintenance” people is not positive (add me to all the other voices out there). even w emails as proof, their interpretation of what is owed during successive years on a contract will probly differ from most users interpretation.

Have you tried ProConcept :

yeah i’m not to impressed with the reseller, not sure why we are going for them, he has allready given dodgy infomation about compatibility allready. ahh well see how it goes