CAD software for pocketpc?

Sounds crazy, but I’ve seen a few programs out there for this. Sadly they’ve led to mobile software site after mobile software site.

Some guy put Blender on the pocketpc. How hard could it be to make just a basic CAD program for fleshing out ideas when there’s no good computer nearby?

For the curious and masochistic, the Blender port is here

This is one of those things that really just makes you say “why”.

They’ve taken a fairly crappy 3D tool and ported it onto a machine that lacks the most fundamental requirements (screen resolution, precise input methods, processing power).

This is one of those things thats like saying “I installed nitrous on my lawnmower” - just because you CAN do it doesn’t mean you should.

Maybe one day Alias will run on my Iphone and I’ll eat my words, but until then this just comes off as a silly tech demo for bored open source programmers.

Yeah, it took me a while to figure out how to start it rendering.
It took a while until it stopped, too.
The end result? 320x240 flatshaded grey cube on a blue background. :confused:

I would pay a couple buck for a DXF viewer for my iPhone. Just to flip open drawings that were attached to emails. This could also be done with a PDF, but most engineers don’t take the time to translate files into PDF format.