CAD rendering.....

Coming from an Industrial design background, I recently learnt Solidworks as an engineering tool, I was very disappointed with the rendering options- photoworks…

Surely there is a better option for rendering solidworks models…I heard a romour Rhino style rendering can be applied when exported as an STL file, can any help with this… programme names etc… thanks!

Export solidworks to STEP file, and do your rendering in Rhino Flanmingo.
You have to make sure the solidworks file is not too complicated, such as
a heavy assembly file consist of 100 components.

Photoworks is not for Industrial Designer, it is only a simple rendering tool
for my kids…

And in case it is a large assembly… make sure you only export faces that you see (the outside faces) unless it’s transparent or something.
That would a) crash less b)render faster

Believe me, Photoworks CAN do a lot more than you expect. Check out for examples of what Brian Hill has achieved using just Photoworks. Admittedly he is way out ahead of the rest and there are few that are near his talent, but it shows just what can be done given the time and the skill. So don’t write it off just yet. I will say that it horribly slow to get a good result compared to virtually any other software such as 3Dmax and Rhino, but it can get there.

Lately I have been using the ImageStudio2.0 free trial. It can do pretty much all you need to do to get some great ‘beauty shots’. It doesn’t have all the tools that some rendering packages have, but it has a lot of presets that get you to the ‘tweaking’ stage really quickly. Also, this version supports step as well as iges for non-alias users.

Thanx Jb for the information. i did not realized there is a trial version.
Alias is one of the best rendering tool thought.