Cad on a 3D TV?


So for work we are building this VisLab. Don’t ask too much about it. But I need to be able to get a 3d TV to show 3d Cad models on. Can I use the HDMI ports for this? Or will I need to use special software and or video cards and stuff? We are also looking at the Infinite Z thing that got posted a few weeks ago. We have a good budget and already have the 3d TV’s and all that.

Don’t 3D make everything 3d?? Regardless of input?

A little confused here - are you looking to generate the 3D content yourself? Or are you just looking for the hardware needed to get the content running on the display from a PC?

If you already have the content, you Should be able to run it over HDMI on any decently powered consumer video card. You would just need an HDMI cable that supports the 1.4 standard. I know NVidia sells a 3D Kit for their hardware for gaming purposes.

If you’re looking to generate the content - you may need to use a more traditional rendering package like Maya that is capable of generating the 3D footage.

Some do, but not most of them. The sets that do not convert will just look normal unless they have 3d input.

We are generating the content ourself’s, for the most part. I guess my root question is, what hardware do I need to get the PC hooked up to the 3d TV, so that the tv could display it in 3d. Thanks for the feedback already, I’m going to look at the Nvidia package and the 1.4 standard cables.

Take a look at this:

Hopefully it gives you a starting point.


The Nvidia setup looks like it will work well. It allows the computer to do it’s thing like normal, then the GPU handles all the 3d image shifting and glasses syncing. I think I can run an HDMI cable to the TV then it will identify the input as 3d then do it’s 3d thing. Or it may not identify the signal as 3d but still do the image shift, do to the signal being all image shifty already. Then the glasses would need to sync to the computers IR (or whatever wireless connection). There could be a delay that would mess that all up, as the glasses would be connected to the computer but looking at the TV.

I’ve been trying to find out about any standards for the active shutter glasses or if Samsung TV’s use IR, Bluetooth, or RF to connect the glasses? From looking at pics online I’d guess IR.

Theres no real standard for any 3D stuff at this point which is the issue.

Looking at the FAQ I realized that won’t do what you want it to do. It apparently is incompatible with TV 3D standards and will only work with desktop monitors or DLP TV’s. Part of that doesn’t make sense to me (I would have thought a 120hz LCD connected to the PC is the same whether it’s a 20" display or a 50" display but I guess not).

You may want to try going on something like AV forums or CG talk and asking the question with your specific setup (TV model, etc). There’s probably some high end theater junkies on there that could help.

Good call on the Av forums. Thanks.

If you already have the content, you * should * be able to run it through any decent HDMI-powered consumer video card. You will only need a HDMI cable to support the 1.4 standard. I know a 3D package to sell their hardware NVidia purpose of the game.

What do you mean?

Depends on how nice your computer is.