CAD for mac

anyone know of a good CAD software package for a mac osx. i can use autoCAD, inventor and solidworks. so i’m looking for a mac program similar.

Cobalt and Designer Elements (or similar name).

I have seen a big trend for Maya with ID’ers however it is dificult to get a drawing for quotation. You should realize that detail drawings are a thing of the past and are not used for quotation that much any more.

I know Steelcase ID’ers use the Cobalt product line but everything is usually converted for Pro/E.

So do you see manufacturers quoting right off the 3D model? If so, how do you control the part requirements that aren’t part of the model? Things like max regrind on molded parts, critical-to-fit dimensions, etc. And how does Receiving Inspection handle this part without a detail drawing?

Do you know what file format is preffered for Cobalt → Pro/E? Does Cobalt have something similar to Alias Studio Tools’ Data Exchange?