A coin phrased from Gray Holland’s Periodic Table of Form, and this form fascinates me, I have started a page on Facebook for anybody to like or add photos of your own projects or examples of products you have seen with this design style that you really liked.

Equally fine of course to just post them in this thread. I’d love to see them!

would you mind elaborating what the c2-0 means? i dont really get it. thanks

Take the model in my post for example, the shape of it is smoothly continuous as it travels around the holes but in the middle and the top and bottom it has sharp edges with a tiny little blending so they too are sort-of smooth. The hook on the page is a good example as well, great too because it’s not just for looks with that hook!

C2 would be defined as being curvature continuous (smooth)
C0 would be defined as being positional (sharp)

Great article. I wish more designers delved into aesthetics the way M. Holland has.