I am looking into BYU anyone with opinion/facts on this school?
I would love all imput.

I know Utah county, whish is where BYU is, is the most boring area on earth. hands down. other than that I cannot comment on the program much. I tried to get info from this site awhile back about ti but recieved no responses. I live about an hour north of BYU and used to live a few blocks away from the area, so houseing/things to do, etc. I can help with. Isn’t it more of a transportation program there?

but yea, not much to do but sit on your front porch all night

I’ve worked with two BYU grads. One of them is abusolutely hands down talented and amazing designer. I guess it’s Utah makes them a little more a “family person” so in another worlds, they might seems boring to some people.