byebye Tarus?

Just saw my first Tarus police cruser.
I like the new Tarus Ok? but if it replaces the Vic as the blue-collar generic workhorse (cops, cabs and town cars) the brand will suffer the same fate.
Can Ford afford to abandon the Tarus brand when it alone saved the “Five Hundred” (and probably the platform)?
Is Ford thinking the Fusion will be the new Camry/Accord fighter?

I don’t see the issue. Frankly, the Crown Vic from a product standpoint did pretty damn well. Customers swear by it’s durability as a fleet vehicle.

The Taurus renaming of the Five Hundred might have restored some brand equity, but I rarely see any of those on the road, so it didn’t make the “Taurus” overtake the Camry. That product was only sold for 2 model years before getting replaced by the Current gen - where I think the design is what saved the product.

The Fusion is more in line with the overall size of the Camry/Accord though. The new Taurus is a BIG car.

I don’t think having it show up in Police usage is any sign of anything to come. The old mid 90’s Tauruses were used as police cars as well, and they still use the late 90’s Tauruses in my area as undercover vehicles.

what I’m suggesting is now that the crown vic is gone, whatever gets chosen for these fleet sedans is going to kill the equity of that brand (in this case the Taurus).
no other brand filled that role before, even though there were some exceptions as you noted (there are Charger cop cars here too)… perhaps if Checker started making cabs again - that could save the Taurus.

I saw an older Taurus the other day, it looks like it is pretty much Fusion sized.

Fusion - mid-size
Taurus/500 - full-size

I think it will be ok. Ford has reduced their capacity quite a lot. They can not make as many 500-Taurus as they did Taurus-Taurus or Crown Vics. Plus, I expect Ford to renew the Taurus in 4-5 years. The Crown Vic survived 18 years virtually unchanged.

I know Chevy sold a lot of 2000-2005 (eighth Gen) as police vehicles, and I dont think it hurt their sales. No one can argue that they arent all over the roads.

for awhile Checker was the largest producer of car parts in the country, perhaps there’s going to be a market for Crown Vic parts for awhile…
(particularly if Ford doesn’t up Taurus production to keep the Taxi/Town Car business rolling)