By a Designer, for Designers.

I made this:

Any feedback welcomed with wide, warm, open arms. I’m making this purely to be useful and hopefully help some peoples.


Cool site. One minor thing: change “noone” to “no one”. Just a small typo.

It’s a nice start. Could be a nice tool for meeting minutes. Also would be cool if you could change the color of the post-it.

Love it.

No instructions needed.

I’m already using this site, no kidding.

However, what if I want to access my ToDo’s from a computer other than my own?

This website will actually save me paper.

Funny like that, I could have made a word document, but I like this better.

I like the idea, and it’s simple and well executed.

I use zenbe lists. the app for my ipod allows me to take it anywhere and I can sync to my igoogle homepage.