Buying shop tools in Hong Kong?

Hey C77,

The small design firm I am working for has just moved into a new space in Kowloon Bay and we are looking to outfit
a small prototyping shop. Looking for everything from grinders, to a bandsaw, to even a Bridgeport mill if we are lucky.

Can anyone direct us towards some web resources or spots in HK to find decent shop tools; used and/or new? Or even any general
tips on setting up a shop in HK? We are aware of Mong Kok being a good place to start, but we haven’t seen any shops selling anything much bigger than a driver-drill in our time around there.

Any help would be great - thanks.


For new and used tools, check out Mongkok on the weekends. There are vendors in the streets selling these things. Go out one of the western exits of the Mongkok station. The eastern exits are for Hello Kitty and purses.

For new stuff check out the shops on Thomson Road in Wan Chai. Exit A5 at the Wan Chai Station.

As far as large tools like a CNC I have no idea.

Oh and if you need help finding places in Hong Kong, use YP Map -

Thanks for the tips Timf!

Anyone else out there got any advice?

try Ap Liu street in Sham Shui Po… lot’s of used power tools in the market area and new stuff at the shops at the ground floors of buildings lining the street. a good place to get yourself some digital calipers as well.