Buying new hardware for small company! Any suggestions?

Hi !
I am starting the design department of a new company and have the pleasure to buy everything new! I need suggestions on a desktop, scanner, printer and laptop (looking at the previous thread, everyone seems to like Alienware so I’m checking it out) I will be running the usual Photoshop, Illustrator, Solidworks and 3d max.


Alienware is good for a notebook, MJ-12.

For desktop, I’de go with Dell workstations.
Dual processors, Nvidia cards, 1-2 gig of ram, for not too much money.
They are really reliable, with good tech support.

Thanks Alexander! But not to worry anymore, they called in a tech guy that is setting up the whole department.
I only need to know which laptop I’ll need, maybe the Acer…

i have the Acer TM-301 and very satified. mostly just use it for ideation w/alias SB pro. great for vector work in illustrator too though. if you can get on a network, you can remote into your more powerful workstations.

try for good deals.

If you are looking for notebooks, then Alienware is good, but costly.
HP has a good deal on a 17" 3.2 P4 with a 128 Nvidia card for around $2300. I’m not sure the BUS speed.

you mean your company doesn’t have an IT guy. that sucks.

They do now. It just relocated from out of town and they are hiring local people. We need an optics person by the way…
Anyway, to everyone else, thanks for the notebook tips, I might go with the HP

Go with Alienware, better allround machines, are easily upgradeable + excellent customer service. The cost difference is what $300?

Get an IBM T42 or whatever the thinkpad is with the workstation level Video chip in it. Its a tank, and while costs slightly more, will be a much better investment in the long run for your company.