Buying mock/fake phones in Japan?

I’ve heard from different sources in the past that there are stores in Akihabara that sell used mock phones that retailers have no use for when models become discontinued. I have looked around the area many times in the past but have not come across any such stores. Would anybody be able to confirm that these stores exist and if so, have more detailed instructions for finding them?

I’d suggest just ask a mobile phone retailer.

Here I’ve got lots for my kids (and their childcare which loves them) by asking a retailer. They have boxes full of them and justv throw them out- no internals and fake screen images, but they flip open and the keys work.

I tried asking a retailer and they weren’t able to help, but I did find several places selling these among other fascinating stuff.

The entire street here, parallel to the main street is full of “junk” shops, which stock all sorts of miscellaneous items, much more entertaining than the main street. Came across an amazing camera store there that sells vintage cameras for $10-20.

There have to be several Chinese manufacturers making these. Check Alibaba or Asia Sources.