BusinessWeek Launches Innovation Channel: IDSA Forms Partner

BusinessWeek Launches Innovation Channel: IDSA Forms Partnership

Coverage of design has just taken a huge leap: BusinessWeek has added to its online magazine a section (or channel) devoted to covering design, innovation and strategy. IDSA’s partnership on this program will place its news resources, “The Buzz” and designBytes, front and center on the channel, along with other co-produced features.

The channel, in planning most of the spring, took validation in spades from the success of this year’s presentation of the IDEA winners on BusinessWeek Online. The number of visits to this material and article was stunning.

The outlet will serve as a space for the global business community to learn how to combine the metrics of innovation with the informed intuition of design to create great consumer experiences that generate top-line growth. The best design strategies, innovation measures and gurus of creativity will be covered, as well as the latest cool products.

The venture went live this morning, July 22. For more information on D-Channel, visit