BusinessWeek design school ranking

Didn’t see this show up on clogger or the forum, but thought some might find it interesting: A recent BusinessWeek article lists their top design (& “innovation”) schools around the world. As can be expected a lot of U.S. schools make the list, but almost half are overseas. Two nice things about the article: they didn’t try give a number ranking to each school (an effort that personally I think is a bit pointless), and the articles describe the kind of education prospective design students should be looking for by describing the ‘innovation’ skills that employers are looking for (pretty much Tim Brown’s T people).

Top Innovation & Design Schools (collection of articles)

The Talent Hunt (article)

D-schools list (in alphabetical order)

" To gather our list, we created a 24-person advisory board. They include people from corporations such as Whirlpool, Siemens, and BMW who hire the new design thinking talent; faculty at both D-schools and B-schools such as Art Center, IIT, Northwestern, and Stanford; recruiters such as RitaSue Siegel; and design and innovation consultants such as Yves Béhar at fuseproject and Tamara Giltsoff at London-based Live/Work. They recommended programs from which they hire and where they referred students. We then conducted 200-plus interviews to narrow our picks to the best 60 global programs."

The members are of the advisory board are listed here: Bloomberg - Are you a robot?


oops, missed it: Businessweek D School listing

Before I studied at Umea Design Institute, I had seen many articles on this school on famous design web sites, like core77. So, I thought Umea Design Institute could be the school, where I can learn so many things during my master study. When I was in Umea, I realised that Umea Design Institute has many relationship with media, so this school has used media for advetising Umea Design Institute. Also, some designers grasuating from that school have advertised this school indirectly here. Be careful!!! Umea design institute is the worst!!! Even in Sweden this school is rated on third stage.

In this list all the “well known” universities are mentioned. In any forum that you will come accross about “the best d schools” most of them are mentioned there… From pure technical universities to schools focused in more conceptual design. Also … 60? … do not you think this number is big?

gooddesign: I didn’t mention anything in my post about Umea, but I happen to be an Umea grad. When I’ve previously stated my (positive) opinion of the school, it is just that, my opinion. It is not an advertisement. Incidentally, everyone I studied with there also came away with a very positive opinion of the school. Your statement that it is rated “on the third stage” in Sweden is just false. If you don’t like the school explain for others what you did not like about it and why it didn’t meet your expectations …but knock off the trolling already.

alexandros: I agree, 60 is a lot of schools. I wasn’t really shocked though that the well known schools showed up - I was moreso surprised that there were so many schools I hadn’t heard of before (but hey, I’m open to new things!). Many of the schools weren’t traditional design schools, rather “innovation” business or engineering schools, and that’s probably because designers aren’t the only audience for this list. Innovation is still the hot buzzword for business right now, and as one of the articles discusses, companies are looking everywhere for “innovative” people. One thing perhaps to take away from such a big list is that there are many options for people looking to study design, and that there isn’t just a handful of magic design schools out there that will guarantee you make it as a designer.

Canadian ID , i totally agree with you and yes, business people only recently did they realise the importance and role of design (maybe not only as practice but mainly as philosophy) inside a corporation. The education of a designer can be characterised as qualitative. I guess all of us had to answer the WHY questions. Why this is like this? Why we did this like that? Instead, as people involved in the Business education admit, MBAs are more quantitative oriented.
It’s ineteresting to see how the role of design will evolve the forthcoming years!

I’m also very interested and excited to see how design evolves in the coming years.

Another way to look at the list of schools is that design is clearly not the only way to be involved with innovative and creative product design/development. Innovation from design-like processes is needed from many other disciplines. Additionally, to have more creative thinking people in other organizations of a product company - such as business and engineering - the easier it becomes for designers to move their ideas forward; productive partnerships are easier to form when there are fewer nay-sayers in the development chain.

Personally, pursuing an MBA in the next couple years has become a frequent consideration because of these sorts of changes happening in industry. Are there any other ID’ers out there thinking of doing similar? Any that have moved into a business or marketing role in their company?