Businessweek D School listing

Anyone checked out the D School listing at Businessweek:

Not only interesting who is on the list but also the number of hybrid programs attached with business schools.

Surprised Gerald Hirshberg wasn’t listed under Cleveland Institute of Art. I’d venture he’s far more notable than Zak or Claxton. And if they missed him on CIA, I wonder what else they missed on other schools. Wonder if this is a work in progress.

Thanks for the link.

too true. BWeek is closely (very closely) tied to IDSA… and so is Claxton… and many others on that list.

Csven, I’m sure you know more about it, but Hirshberg was pretty much a pioneer in getting high up as an American in a Japanese corporation, as well as setting up west coast satellite auto studios and encouraging his designers to bring in clients outside of the auto industry to keep them well rounded.

He’s a big reason I attended CIA.

Most of the info in those charts was given by the schools themselves, so I believe it must have been a modesty issue.

UMEA Institute of Design, Sweden is the worst!!!

What would be the reason why the Art Institutes International aren’t on that list?

I would have liked the survey more if it was a little more broad, not just one school per city, some cities had more than one school, but others did not.

It would have been more insightful for me to see how various schools ranked within their local cities and regions…like how does Urbana/Champagne compare with Chicago or…how does IIT compare with AIC or UIC ??!


Probably because not all of their programs and campuses are regionally accredited like most universities.

lots of very good schools left off that list.