Business to business first introduction


I am helping my company update their marketing collateral and expand their market reach. We have a list of new clients that we are interested in contacting to offer our services, but are trying to decide what the best approach is. We have thought of sending out email introductions, mailing company information, and contacting by phone and attempting to setup face to face meetings. Anyone in the same situation have any feedback on what worked best for them? or on the receiving end, what was effective without being intrusive to you?


Hello CDI,

I am with Modo, an Industrial Design firm that focuses on the medical device market. I have a similar position and have found that the best way to connect is over the phone the first time. It is an important step to confirm that the contact is the right person to pursue and also to get their email address, set up meetings, etc. Phone contact can be frustrating since it usually takes multiple calls to connect live, but I think in the end, it is still the most effective means of communication.

Hope this helps!

Modo, do you have a link to your site?