Business practices blog:

Hi all,

I just want to introduce you to a new blog,

When you try to start running your love for design like a business, most people soon hit a wall. it becomes very obvious very quickly that there aren’t a lot of resources out there for students out of ID school who want to talk the talk of the business world. We’re hoping can become that resource. It’s a new blog, compiling interviews with young designers, established designers, and entepreneurs. We’re digging for the stories of how they got their start.

Check it out, and any feedback would be greatly appreciated. What do you think we could add to make this a more useful resource?

We are also always looking for people to interview, so if you’re an indie designer or entrepreneur, please get in touch!


Liz Kinnmark
Design Glut

Best of luck with the new venture. Sounds really interesting.