Business in Japan

I am a recent graduate and will be moving to Osaka for two months, working in the design department at Panasonic/Matsushita. Does anyone have any tips as to business etiquette, what to expect within the Japanese corporate design field, etc?

Otherwise, is there anyone out there who just wants to meet up for a drink?


I’ve got nothing for you except a request:

Take me with you.

Thank you… :smiley:

also pls take me with you . :laughing: :unamused:

Hand out and take bussines cards with 2 hands.

Is a good start.


Build up a very high tolerance to alcohol now. You will need to drink lots and not make a fool of yourself. Speaking from experience.

Ditto on the biz card thing- but you also need to carefully look at the card when you accept it from someone.

Don’t be picky, eat everything.

I’ll see if I can get someone I know with more knowledge to give advice. Good luck, sounds like a great experience.

hey mate, how did you land the job in japan? im keen on some work there once i graduate, final year now in australia.
cheers, jon