Business E-mail and Project Management Tools

I’m part of a small freelance business with another designer. We occasionally have other individuals (who we work with often) jumping in on projects. Basically, we all work remotely so our internet tools are necessary and valuable.

Up until this point we’ve used Clutterpad for project management. Clutterpad is great but it’s mobile app sucks. We’ve forwarded business domain name emails to our personal accounts on Gmail and Yahoo. I know there has to be better options out there.

Any suggestions that I should look into?

Hello RyanID,

Let me give you my two cents with experience.
Do not confuse tool with process. A tool can help a process but a tool is not a process.
In my day to day I help several freelancer and companies and I like to stick with ‘simple’ tools.
One I really recommend is google apps

you can use as your main e-mail, you can share ONLINE and collaborate ONLINE with google docs and others.
Usually for small teams I reccomend:

  1. Tasks in a spreadsheet shared for everyon
  2. Each project in each folder with docummentation

And lots of email and chatting.
working with a remote team is hard so all docs should be very clear and simple.

I hope this helps you

Carlos Henrique Cano

Checkout Basecamp. Not sure if you’re looking for a free solution or not but I’d check it out.