Business Comms.: Hello from Puerto Rico

Hello from Puerto Rico, my name is Leonardo Rivera and it is a pleasure to participate in this forum. It is exciting to be able to communicate with you guys.

As a Business Admin. student I have been assigned an investigation about international business communications. Through this medium I expect, with your cooperation, to highlight cultural differences. Rather, I want to learn what is appropriate and expected from your culture and I want to relate it to a business environment.

Ask me anything or share your ideas, experiences or facts; everything will be of great help. I hope to learn a lot from this exchange.

Hi! I am Stephanie Diaz Llorens. I am currently working on my bachelor’s degree in the faculty of business administration. I enrolled myself in a communication class where I have to participate in a business discussion/forum. I like this forum because it has a wide variety of topics that not only are going to contribute to my class but also my personal and professional life. I hope to exchange knowledge with all the participants in this discussion.