Business Cards

As we’ve all got to promote ourselves in one way or another, I’ve decided to get very simple business cards made up. Just my name, number and email on them w/ the other side brightly coloured self-created image.

Now, instead of asking for advice on what y’all think business cards should look like, why not scan in images of both sides of your cards (any personal details can easily be blanked out if necessary).

I just think it might be a good idea to see the range of ID and related business cards out there…


Sounds good, post it up there barefoot

I did mine simple and bright and I get good response for it.
But I don’t think people would start to scan their name cards here though ?

I did mine simple and bright and I get good response for it.
But I don’t think people would start to scan their name cards and upload them here though ?

my business cart is print on both could know my personal details and also know what service I could provide to you .

My most fun ones I did towards the end of the school. I used scraps of thick paper, stickers w/ my graphic work, and wrote down necessary info on the back, tailoring my contact information ( some potential future employer doesn’t need to know my myspace, but that could be a good way to stay in touch with fellow students)

It was 3 yrs ago, so floral patterns were still kinda cool.

i dont get it! why dont people post their cards? im willing if some one tells me how to post pics :wink: lol

out field is too secretive as if we are working for government agencies lol

Maybe we should ask fist Who is using printed business cards. So far I don’t.

who doesnt use printed cards? what do you use, then?

anyhow, here’s mine below.

to post a pic, just add it to a post. “choose file” you see below the text window when you make a reply. then click add attachment. or you can post the image on another site (ie. flckr, etc.) then link to it and make the link an image with the [IMG] tags above the posting text window.

nice. i like the crafty-handmade feel. nice way to take advantage of the fact that you dont need 1000s and can spend some time to put love into each card.


I’ll show you mine. (ha-ha)!
biz card for core copy.jpg

I used to have. Now I’m thinking about getting some again. It true that is more elegant and practical on certain occasions.

Anyway, I still prefer electronic over printed versions. Every time I get a card, I put the data in my outlook address book. I find it a tedious task to do…

vCards can be easily stored and shared by email, SMS, WiFi, bluetooth and IR. It is compatible with almost any phone, mp3 player and pda. It is also outlook and skype ready. You can even include audio and images.

It would be nice to embed that info on a traditional printed BC. Maybe using some sort of rfid tag?

Ok, I did a little research and found that 1000 characters can be embedded in a 2D bar code that can be printed on the card. That bar code can be recognized by a standard camera if you have the software in your phone/pda: Teaching cameraphones to read business cards | Technology | The Guardian

Anyway, I doubt this will be widely used sometime soon. It is interesting that even dough for business people is so important to have the latest gadgets (for image reasons), most of them don’t take advantage of the functionality. Maybe because they don’t know how to use it, or because there are certain things considered more like a ritual.

I guess the value of the business card is not only on the information it contains, but on the fact that trough that ritual, the other person is trusting you with his/her data and is explicitly allowing you to get in touch and be connected. Being a card holder shows you belong to the circle.

Enough babbling… I’ll get a card and post it soon :slight_smile:

Here’s my personal card. It’s letterpressed on heavy watercolor stock.

Nice card CG, I like the ueber simple, my personal one is pretty distilled:

mmm…letterpress, i like. im looking into getting some letterpress done. cant beat the feel and imperfectness that offset or digital can’t get.


I like your craft style look. Very natural.

… might as well don’t show… you’ve smudged your card !..

I love the idea of simplicity, that’s an excellent idea. also seem to do excellent calling cards based on flickr stuff, which i myght investigate into to see the quality.

when I get mine sorted, i’ll slap them up here too…

does this thread strike anyone as a bit American Psycho-esque?

Not really…what makes you say that?