Business Card

I have a interview tomorrow and need to make a business card before. Is this business card any good? If not, any ideas?

Click on my website to see the card, for some reason it is not working on this site. It is the first image.

Are you just looking for internships? If so I don’t really think you need a card yet, especially for interviews because you should have prepared a detailed resume to be given to them… or that they should already have it.

As for the design of the card, I find it amateurish. The colors are kinda of blunt. There is more emphasis on the rendering than your name, and the composition isn’t right yet. I suggest you have a graphics major friend help you out on this. For the time being, I won’t sweat at getting one done. Plus, I am against those DIY cards especially for designers. If you want to present anything, it’s got to be absolutely professional looking.