Bush: Lost In Space


You’ve got to be kidding, right? $500b in deficit, all Bush’s thinking about is conquering the universe. If this sounds rational to average person, I don’t know what would qualify as irrational act. Next you’ll be hearing China is preparing for nuclear arms in Mars if Bush is allowed to continue to rant. Who the hell are we going to fight out in space anyways. . .the Klingons? What more reasons do you need know that he’s not right.

This is nothing compared to the money he wants to use to train couples to have a successful marriage (wonder if homosexual couples in Vermont will qualify?). I’d say putting a human on Mars is way easier! And since there’s more money earmarked for the couples program, it looks like the Prez agrees. And with John Ashcroft purging anything he doesn’t like based on his religious convictions (funny, scary story that), I’d say we’re on our way to becoming a fundamentalist, religious state! Yippee.

More to the point, wheer in the world would the budget come from in order to settle the deficit we already have. . .Iraq? I don’t think so. Just the cost of rebuilding is going to carry over well into the next decade. Additionally, this next generation of space program is going to cost money, and lots of it. At least $12 billion in the coming 5 years (don’t have the link but it’s accurate). Tax-cuts?!? Forget about it. Bush proposes tax-cut of $1.7 trillion for over next 10 years, which possibly may plunge the government in to further deficit. Going back to the topic, I am skeptical of the plans to go to the mars and moon of reason no other than to ensure beating China at its game; not to justly progress human technological capability. Frankly, I don’t think we’re ready to dive into the matter. Too much at risk. And it does not matter if going to the Mars is easier than over anything else, because it still wouldn’t solve the problems at hand.