Burning Out/Mid Life Crisis - what to do next?

Are creative careers such as design or engineering or science such fields where there is a high risk of burning out?

Is there a high incidence of cases where designers/creatives burned out after working several years in the industry? In that situation, what have they done? Retrained or started doing more personal projects?

On another note, is there such a thing as “burning out” and “mid-life crisis”, etc? Is this some sort of BS myth or is it a genuine medical condition, which is a result of poor work/life balance and poor lifestyle?

I have not been out of school too long (8 years) but, I think we all either have some point in our career or run the risk of burning out. The key is to continue to challenge yourself and to also realize that as you get more experienced and older you career will start to change. As you grow you will start to go from the guy that creates and does the grunt work to being the guy that makes more decisions and guides a team to complete a task. That may mean that you do not do as many sketches, renderings, sketch models, etc…but that does not mean that you are no longer part of the process.

I also think that as designers we have to continue to find new challenges to work on. This could be the reason why designers never stay one place for too long. By moving on to another firm or company after 3,5, or even 10 years you can not only grow your career, but also have new challenges to work on. That being said you don’t want to be known as “job hopper” or that guy that can not be relied on that will get up and move on when you get bored.