Burn out?

Hey everyone,

What have you done in the past to help with job burnout? How do you get over the “creative block” when deadlines are near?

Any words of wisdom for a Jr. IDer?

Thanks!! :open_mouth:

Some simple tips…

  1. Walk away for a while and design something else (if this is an option).
  2. Review other job/career possibilities if it’s really bad. ID people tend to churn through jobs because of burn-out.
  3. Use some of the tricks out there to take a new view of the task (creative decks, etc.).
  4. Get inspired by looking at other people’s work. Troll through the Coroflot portfolios to see what the other ID guys are up to.
  5. Beer (or the mind inhibitor of choice).

Good luck…

Scribble, let your subconscious find the answer in the lines. Works for some occasions.