Bunkspeed now using Mental images iRay tech

Bunkspeed announces today they are incorporating Metal Images iRay technology into what they now call Shot. They dropped Hyper.

But in looking this up, I always thought Mental Ray was a stand alone rendering software anyone could buy, but I see it’s used on Autodesk products, Maya, 3D Studio Max, etc. too. So is this a good thing? Sounds kinda odd because I thought they were up to their own ray tracing engine. But they’re just integrating someone else’s engine behind their UI.

At the end of the day, the core math behind something matters very little. What matters is the results you can get.

Mental Ray has years of development and has been the basis for every high end package for years. The biggest downfall of it has been speed and ease of use. It was incredibly powerful but required a lot of set up to really understand the complexity afforded by the shaders.

I signed up for the beta, looking forward to seeing what they come up with even though someone called me an Autodesk employee in the last thread. :laughing:

Interesting. I hope it’s as easy as HS was.


That’s very true about whatever the engine is doesn’t matter, agreed. I guess I had the impression from the president of Bunkspeed that they were working very hard to develop their own new engine. And because of what happened with their last partner, my confidence in Bunkspeed is really shakey. How can we trust them to not mess up this new relationship. Of course, we don’t really know the circumstances there. And I know in his statement from yesterday, they’re embarrassed about what happened.

So I thought Mental Ray, as I said above is a stand alone and has been around a long time. It will be interesting to see how this new version of Shot will handle the interface and work. I sure hope the speed issue won’t be a problem. Plus, while not a deal breaker, this new product will not be available for the Mac.

From looking at the Mental Ray website, the renders do all look great. Cyberdemon, I didn’t know you could sign-up for the Beta tests!

Does anyone know if there will be a OSX version?

Yes, there should be a Mac version but the market and current customer base is dominantly Windows so it will be released first.

Visit the Shot page to register for the beta program.


I tried the Eye Shot demo on Friday. Pretty much the same as Hypershot. Even the hot keys are the same. Materials, environment and backplate libraries are different, but it’s the same as far as I can tell.


Was this demo the Beta or something else? Sounds encouraging if it feels like Hypershot.

Did the material library include emissive materials for things like LEDs?


as far as i know, iRay does alot with the GPU. bummer, HS could run on pretty low spec’d graphics hardware since it only relied on the CPU. looks like the hardware cost just doubled. guess thats what happens when a rendering engine gets purchased by a graphics card company.

With iray, users can quickly create life-like images of their creations by using intuitive, real world approaches and interactively exploring their results through the processing power of NVIDIA® graphics processing units (GPUs).

They say “Bunkspeed SHOT’s™ ability to use either the CPU, GPU or both” in the press release though. It wouldn’t surprise me if it’s something you can toggle between like Showcase (Which has a GPU specific or CPU based raytracing mode) though the hybrid mode is interesting. That could deliever instant results with the raytracing details trickling in Ala how hypershot normally works.

Also it says they are using Nvidia’s CUDA technology which is not as specific as OpenGL. This means that even a gaming card could potentially power those calculations rather quickly - unlike the OpenGL specific optimizations which seperate the Geforce from Quadro cards. For those who don’t know, Quadro hardware is virtually identical to a low end counterpart, but has specific driver optimizations for CAD and other OpenGL apps.

It was a full program in demo mode. I didn’t look for any emissive shaders but I’m you could do the same things that worked in HS.

Thanks Brett.