Bunkspeed, Modo, Lagoa, Other?

So after a few years of using Hypershot/Keyshot/Bunkspeed I’m getting the itch to try a different program. Currently we use Bunkseed Pro to do renderings and animations. Stand alone products are not a problem but we do a lot of Aircraft interior renderings and Bunkspeed has been very buggy lately.
In particular I’m interested in lighting and textures (leather seats, wrinkles, stitching) and the capacity to take on high poly count jobs.
I’ve read some good things about Modo but that’s it and last year we were approached to try Lagoa but were too busy back then.

What are your thoughts on Renderings programs? Any experience with Modo? We mainly work in Creo Elements Direct Modeling but often get STEP files from client’s native CATIA or Solidworks files.