Bunkspeed acquired by Dassault


Apparently Bunkspeed has been acquired by Dassault, and Bunkspeed products will now be called Solidworks Visualise.
I think they are still standalone, and there will be different versions (Basic, Pro), but I’m not sure if they are included in the price of your SW license?

This is an interesting move. I thought they were getting more entwined with Modo, and it seemed like more and more people picked up this workflow.

Was kind of dissapointed - I’ve had Shot and Move licenses since Hypershot days, but was genuinely fed up with it. Not even a month ago I looked into Keyshot again (my 30day-trial has not even ended yet!) and this time around Keyshot seemed like the better alternative. This acquisition changes everything IF the new package is included in SW-license. Hard to motivate getting Keyshot even if it’s slightly better…


We too use Bunkspeed and have relationships with both the Keyshot and Bunkspeed guys. At the split we decided to stick with Bunkspeed because they offered lighting. Is Keyshot betternow ? We are also tired of dealing with Bunkspeed’s quirks. I was starting to look into Modo because of the fabrics and stitching and lighting for airplane interiors…but then got busy. We don’t use Solidworks primarily but if Bunkspeed and Solidworks are integrated it makes things more appealing.
I’m sure there will be an extra license/maintenance fee for the new SW rendering module. We’ll see.

In the end it may be just Dassault and Autodesk left standing.

Following the Bunkspeed/Luxion switch we stayed with Keyshot.

Not sure what “offered lighting?” means - Keyshot lets you create object lights and environmental lights.

Also in our case, CPU rendering was actually more advantageous over GPU rendering. We used to be all GPU rendering with Showcase but realized it worked better for our workflow to have laptops with mid range GPU’s and a high core CPU server farm for offloading renderings. The mobile GPU suites were just very expensive and limiting especially in the 15" form factor.

I believe at the very beginning after the split Keyshot didn’t offer emissive materials and their lighting options were a bit behind Bunkspeed. Haven’t used Keyshot in a while so maybe now they are very comparable.

The lighting in the Pro version of Keyshot is very powerful these days. Keyshot 6 is just around the corner (October release they say), and has even beefier lighting than V5