bump map

This is about something in my view impossible in Rhino, but transferring back & forth between PS and Rhino makes it possible. In short, a single program can’t cut it. The figure is created in Rhino, turned into a 2d in PS and then back as a bump map. This concludes my project of bump mapping (vase, cube and finally this one). Once u get the hang of it it’s not so difficult. I’m still looking for a tutorial concerning bump mapping in PS, maybe usign the Alpha channel.

if each “project” is really pieces of one big “Learning How to use 3D” effort, why not put that in one long post and keep updating that? it would show progress better. and you could select a design subject instead of different things. you might get feedback that way. people would take interest in either/both the design and the 3D.

That’s coz I do it wiht steps, one at the time.
But, for future projects u say I should finish then present all parts.
Tnx for comment

You can make 1 post called say
“Learning computer Modelling”
then each project can be added as a reply to the original post, or you could edit the original message with the new update.

I think this is a good suggestion.

“That’s coz I do it wiht steps, one at the time.”

which is fine. but having all steps in one thread would probly help alot of people. not everyone uses 3D software. they could read the one thread. bookmark it. watch your progress. ask you questions. and asking someone else who is learning can sometimes be best. and explaining it helps you learn more.

my other suggestion was pick a subject. maybe a kitchen scene. or bedroom. each object you work on becomes a part of that scene. all the steps become a whole. so not just the “learning” project, but “scene” project.