“As you can see, ‘competitions’ like yours touches on a sensitive subject, one that is near and dear to our dinner plates, particularly during this time of design overcapacity, new competition, and falling rates.

However, I am challenged to understand how this program will have any benefit to either your organization or to a student.”

The design companies with whom we have worked in the past have been at a disadvantage because our objectives in redeveloping our products have not been clearly defined. The contracted design work always centered on vague words like “industrial” and “strong”. Because we were working under such vague parameters, we were never fully satisfied. We were hoping to develop a better design objective that we could present to a design firm and say, “these are characteristics we would like to work with”.

As a recent college graduate, I know the difficulty in obtaining resume worthy awards and activities. I pushed hard to get this competition sponsored so that it might be something students could use to pad their resumes.

At this point we are concentrating on the work area and control units. Right now, the plastic panels and fence posts are labor intensive to install and look like an entity independent of the rest of the system. Not to mention they are kind of ugly. We are hoping to come up with something that creates a more unified, clean look. Does this make sense? As for the custom and modular systems, those typically handle parts that weight between 10,000 and 30,000 lbs. and look the way they do because they need to be made out of thick steel plates.


I am relatively new employee at Genesis and had to pull a lot of strings to get the prize money where it is. I did not mean to insult anyone by offering too low of a prize, but this was the budget I was given.

yes i think i understand why those panels need to be redesigned. and thanks for the info on the other two systems. i’ll send you an email.

The curse worked! The curse worked! :smiling_imp: