Coroflot, industrial design jobs:

"Genesis Systems Group Design Competition!!

Genesis Systems Group is sponsoring a design competition to help brain storm ideas about the direction of their product’s design. This competition offers students the unique opportunity to take an active roll in defining the Genesis Systems Group brand and make their first mark in the world of industrial design. The design objective is to create a unique skin for Genesis Systems Group’s line of robotic welding systems. Specifically, contestants should focus on the guarding that defines the work area around the robot. Currently, this guarding exists as a series of non-descript plastic panels, but we want something better! We’re looking for something industrial that meshes with the rest of the system and articulates the strength of the Genesis Systems Group brand. Successful contestants should familiarize themselves with Genesis Systems Group’s products and use the criteria listed below to fulfill the design objective. Examples of Genesis Systems Group’s product line can be found on their website, http://www.genesis-systems.com


1st - $500

2nd - $250

3rd - $100

3 Honorable mention awards - $50 each"

What do you think about that kind of competitions? I think, that they are just trying to take someone for a ride - usually students. $500 for that kind of a job… ridiculous. And then we all wonder why there’s so many unemployed designers. Partly because of competitions like that. Let’s ban Genesis System Group and all similar companies. Now and forever.

That’s pathetic.

Even in my day sponsored student design contests were at the $3,000 level.

i worked on guarding long time ago. they mention only “skin”. but there’s more to it. usually there are safety systems integrated. so someone doesnt breach the barrier and get killed. so skin integrates with stanchions. and stanchions have to meet requirements too. all of it has to meet OSHA specs.

seems to me this is someone thinking ID is only about look of the panels. a real project would be more involved. cost alot too bc of the safety/liability issues.

i’m with CG - it’s pathetic. even if only the skins are aesthetically designed, they become like logo for the company. thats worth alot more than $500.

Seems obvious they need some design work and don’t want to pay for it.

“I know, let’s take advantage of the naivety of our students!”


yea but you can make your first mark in the exciting WORLD OF ID!

$500 hahahahaha
That’s worth a first meeting.

Someone talk to this idiot:
Andrew Nelson

or at least send him the link to this thread. They need to be scolded and educated about what design is and how not to patronize designers.

Unless, if by “students” he meant HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS.

What a cheap clueless moron. It’s such an insult to ID.

The Genesis Systems Group Design competition is intended to gather ideas about what outsiders think a welding system should look like. Because robotic welding is such a niche market, people working within the industry are streamlined in how they think welding systems should look and end up developing equipment that all looks the same. Genesis has paid A LOT of money in the past to consult with design companies and will continue to hire design companies in the future. But, as professional designers can attest, the working relationship between an engineering firm like ourselves and an industrial design firm like those we’ve hired is more amiable when the work is done around a defined design intent. Currently, Genesis Systems group is looking into hiring a design company to help us redefine our “look”. The cost of an undertaking like this is a lot for a small engineering firm to swallow, especially when you’re a small engineering firm in Iowa. By holding a design competition we thought we might be able to find a few ideas about what we want our “look” to be. That way we have a set of parameters to work around when we hire a third party to help us. We thought a brainstorming project like this would be a fun one for college students to try. Plus, they could make a few bucks while they were at it. We are not looking for a plug and play solution. We do not expect contestants to consider OSHA standards. We were simply trying to get an outside look at what people thought welding systems should look like. I apologize if our posting offended anyone. It was not our intent to scam free labor from industrial designers. We are not trying to take work away from established design companies. Rather, we simply wanted to get a better idea of what we’re hoping a design company could help us with, and were hoping we could give some students some money in the process.

do your robots paint too?

99% of the systems we work with are robotic welding systems. We have done cutting and grinding systems for the automotive industry, but we’ve never built a painting system.


Assuming this is you; I’d say thanks for getting on the board and talking about your strategy.

As you can see, ‘competitions’ like yours touches on a sensitive subject, one that is near and dear to our dinner plates, particularly during this time of design overcapacity, new competition, and falling rates.

However, I am challenged to understand how this program will have any benefit to either your organization or to a student.


looks like your systems are composed of three main parts: work area units, robot units, and control units. do you want to redesign the robot unit too? or just the skin for the other two. by the skin i suppose you mean the look and texture/color/shape of panels, fixtures, connectors, ribbing,wiring, etc.

if so you can start with versa2 and FT models and start generating forms. i understand some of the parts need to be engineering standard so that they can be reconfigured for other machines.

what about the modular and custom stuff. something like the overheadboom looks really crude. how do you go making those- just by order or you want to use a template like system where you can create parts from it fit to order.

if you provide this info maybe some of us here will help you out.

if you provide this info maybe some of us here will help you out.

do you not think that this defies the point of this thread?

If the prize isn’t good enough for you, then don’t enter.
Recongnize that these student comps are about experience, building portfolios and increasing industry knowlege.

don’t take that way from them just because you have nothing to do on a friday night.

looks like you got nothing to show on a friday night.

looks like you got nothing to show on a friday night.[/quote]

I don’t know what that means.

Is it a riddle?

no. it’s a sentence.

afm = OWNED.


what would one normally “show” on a friday night?
i really dont get it. and what does OWNED mean? is this all some hardcore design speak?

we already know that, you moron


If you plan to get a student to try out some ideas, then i will
agree with you, he or she could make some money rather than
sitting there doing nothing.

Imagine there are hundreds of people working till meddle of the
night for your 500 bucks competition, don’t you think it is a joke?

I post a valid comment and get labelled a moron.
lets leave the name calling to those who do it better, and continue with the topic eh?