building teaser portfolio

Hey guys
so I have been asked by a few employers to send a teaser portfolio for them to have on file. In school we primarily worked on our full portfolio but rarely talked about teasers. I have a full portfolio that I have sent out, but some just want the teaser. What are some good guidelines for teasers. How many projects and how much detail, organization? After doing the full portfolio I am afraid of putting too much detail into this.

I started work on one earlier this week and so far its 2 pages. page 1 is my CV the page 2 is 4 detailed photos of 4 different projects all labeled according to what skill I used.

Do most people do theres this way? Or do most do 1 page per project/skill

You can approach it either by showing projects or skills. Teaser is just a sample of your work. I’ve seen teasers from 1 page-10pages (if they request a teaser I’d suggest keeping it shorter). Keep the text minimal.

Your objective is to give them just enough to show your talent and leave them wanting more. Hook’em. Hopefully it will get you to the next round of candidates where you can further elaborate on your work and abilities. Keep it simple and enticing.