building out a proto & short run soft goods shop

Hey all,
I’m looking to build or contract a shop to cater to a client - we need cut and sew expertise (hello seamstresses) along with some hard part/elastomeric accommodations so that we can quick turn prototypes and subsequent REVs, and do first runs of short volumes to then pass along to the client’s central American factory for larger runs.

I’m set up in the Far East but we need a domestic operation to satisfy project speeds.
Anyone with contacts in this field or knowledge of shops that are capable, please let me know - thanks!

Do you know Ringit Gurlich? I think she is still based in SF or Bay Area. Long history of high quality work in soft goods prototypes and design.

Thanks, I’ll look her up!

OUR STORY – The Brown Buffalo. I think he does contract manufacturing and he used to run some classses.

Thanks all.

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