Building a portfolio outside of school

My story is that I spent 2 years at the university of kansas studying ID. This fall I have transfered to Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, I am entered in the program at the sophmore level, when technically I am a junior. I won’t have any projects for school that will be portfolio worthy this year and I am seeking a internship this summer. I am having trouble on what to do for my portfolio. I am interested in footwear design, and will have those in my portfolio, but what else should I do? My greater chances are probably a internship for a design firm and want a well rounded portfolio, not just footwear. I need a sense of direction. What are your thoughts?

Put your portfolio together with what you have currently from school, then look at everything and identify the weakest link. What’s the skill that you think you need the most work in?

If you’re not that great in sketching, do a project that lends itself towards lots of sketches…hand tools of some sort work great.

Not so good in cad? Do a cad project, etc.

Employers want to see that you have some well rounded skills, and a good understanding of the design process. In reality, no one will care specifically about what every project is, they just want to see whatever the project is it was approached correctly and had a good result. With that said if you’re looking for a footwear position, that should be the meat and potatoes. Great sketches and renderings are an absolute must.

Hope that helps.

Could you look at my current portfolio and tell me what you think. What is worth keeping and what isn’t. I was planning on keeping my K-Swiss design, but I’m not sure about the others. Some are just sketches.

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