building a materials library

I’m interning at a small design firm who is looking to build a material samples library. We’re basically looking for all types of samples: plastics, metals, wood, finishes and coatings, ecological materials…pretty much anything and everything. Do you have any suggestions of places that offer free or low-cost product samples? Thanks.

hey, for basic material stuff just check out Modulor:
(based in Germany, but deliver everywhere on this planet i guess)

when more advanced samples are needed just let me know and i’ll have a look again.

kind regards, Arnold

That helps a lot. That’s a pretty good little sample pack. If you know of any other sources (more “advanced” or otherwise), that would be great. Thank you again


There is always:


Their service is called designaid, which I believe you’d receive every quarter, it contains a box of samples, a magazine type catalogue with articles and featured materials, and access to their website.

Material Connexion
Online service for a price, and access to their NYC studio for a price.

Both pricey, both thorough.