Building a Brand

Helloo guys!

For one of my final year porjects i would like to build a unquie and different kitchenware brand and design a collection of kitchen wares relevant to my brand.

Can anyone recomend processes and/or text about brand building?


Check this out… good case study about Ziba doing the same type of thing

Building Design Strategy: Using Design to Achieve Key Business Objectives

more later

That is perfect! Thanks. I like the Visual Position Mapping, would help alot. I think i will give the book a buy.
Any more would be great!

two other strategies you could try would be to identify and break down the design & brand language of the major competitors, then look for opportunity areas where no other brands currently exist. Something like thered ocean / blue ocean strategy. You could do this on aesthetics, brand personality, or other dimensions you think are important

Another option would be to investigate what is the essence of the company brand that you want to build… harder when you’re building something from scratch maybe. You might want to look at a book like Zag by Marty Neumeier or use something more theoretical like kapferer’s brand identity prism. The goal is to come up with a brand personality that you believe in, then boil it down to visual elements that you can use to build a design language.

Travisimo, your a great help. Exactly what I am looking for. Thank you very much.

Great book, thanks for the link.

edit. Quit my day job and moving to China on Sunday, so no Amazon delivery for me. Found a local supplier here in Melbourne, picked up this morning. Reading the preface " These ideas are not for those whose ambition in life is to get by or merely survive. That was never an interest of ours. If you can be satisfied with that, do not read on"

Quite possibly couldn’t have found this at a better time.