Bugatti 100

and Burt Rutan wasn’t involved, for once.

always liked this aircraft, thought I’d share.

it’s pretty sweet. Amazing that it looks so futuristic and yet it was designed in 1938!

I wonder if it’s coincidence that it was produced around the same time as the Bugatti Atlantic 57 sc…? Rather revolutionary vehicle. I wouldn’t necessarily call it beautiful (not my cup of tea), but it is pretty.

I believe there are only 3 original Atlantiques left in the world, of something like 6 built.

silly log-in… that was my original post above.

Yes it was a remarkable aircraft. Twin engine, contra-rotating props, forward swept winds. Recumbent pilot posture (not seen again until the F-16) and an extreme, compound curved, windshield.

The story goes that the aircraft was disassembled and buried by the Bugatti factory workers to keep the Germans from locating it.

The Bug57 Atlantic. . … MY cup-o-tay. Wonder what a “retro” sketch study of the 57 would end up looking like?

addendum to Bugatti 100

Bugatti 100 cockpit

Not as radical in appearance, but every bit as radical in terms of use of materials; spruce and balsa construction.

Dehavilland DH-98 Mosquito, 1942

Restoration/Recreation from original aircraft. Incredible woodworking and innovative use of materials…

often described as two Spitfires flying in CLOSE formation; real player file.