Budgeting Software

Rent just went up, going to be getting a new vehicle so insurance and car payments.
Does anyone have any recommendations for some free budgeting software??

A friend of mine uses mint.com and loves it. I’ve really been thinking about doing it lately. I’d look into it, as it seems fairly promising.

Ditto to Mint.com, lots of alerts, lots of charts, graphs, and other analytics. Very nice.

I used to really like Mint til I moved to Europe and realized they don’t connect to local banks. Lame! Still it’s a great free service

My AmEx categorizes my expenses, which is nice. You can do a lot with a simple spreadsheet like in google apps too if your download bank activity and sit down once a month to look things over… it’d be like practice for keeping up with expenses in a business (and not that hard - it’s what I do).

Mint is a great aggregator, but the constant sorting and resorting of transactions drove me nuts.

The only thing that put me off with mint was having it access all of my banking/credit information.
Is there a way to just to input everything on my own and leave my personal information out of it??