Bud Light Real Men of Genius

Today we salute you Mr Basketball Shoe Designer…


dead link.

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And that was great. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Slightly less air… fantastic

LOL…that was hillarious.

That was too Funny!!! I love those adds.

“good ball handling skills
sound fundamentals
a killer outside shot
all completely useless
unless we’re wearing
your sneakers”

Friggin priceless.

“She’s Gonna BLOOOWWW!!”


I have a 2 inch vertical…ha!

I just played the Bud Light spot for my son, and after all these years, he’s finally proud of his dad. :cry: Thanks, Michael.

Here’s another funny. For everyone who’s ever played pickup basketball. This is so true…


i fell off my chair three times.

  1. (#3) rulebook jones
  2. (#5) immovable fat guy
  3. “i got the hiker”



LOL! Good stuff!

The 11 players was dope…but it could be classic if it was really done up professionally.

I couldn’t see video on the Bud Light spot. Is it just an audio ad? HILARIOUS!

Yeah, it’s just a radio ad.


both of those were hilarious! but there were more than a few omissions (namely “old school”, the “chic”, & “and1”) from the pickup b-ball skit, & having done extensive research on this matter, I can say with a great degree of certainty that there is no way “clear out guy” or “quick skins” make it into the top 10 over the aforementioned…“no jump shot” gets I before those 2

definitely the and1 guy- I agree. Although he’s technically in there- but too cool to just call foul or ball.

What are the ‘Earl the Pearl’. Every friggin court I have been on has the guy who tries the finger roll from 15’!!!