Bucking the trend

Does anyone have a good example of a product that went against the trend and succeeded?

I was thinking of this when Richard brought up how colors in electronics seem to be like fashion. Every few years it changes: white to black to silver to the rainbow and back again. Seeing as with modern manufacturing we could spec almost any finish for an electronic device, why don’t we see that?

BTW, I’m not talking about trendsetters (ie Apple).


New 4 valve boxer engine after the 3-4 cylinder K line. And an All-road that every one thought it was to havy, big and not needed. Became the best seller and saver of the BMW motorcycle department.

Crocs is a valid example. I still don’t get why that was a trend.

Most cars or motorcycles are bought on emotion, so I don’t find this example as valid in my mind. Harley is hugely successful, but their technology is decades old and you have to wait to get a new one. Even today, no one would sign off on a business concept like that. It works though!

Patagonia and their sustainable/eco products. Were pretty much at the tip of the spear there. It sort of seemed like they would be a loss-leader, then actually turned a profit.