BS studio art

I will shortly be graduating from james madison univesity with a bs in studio art emphasis in industrial design. I am currently considering my options…JMU had a good design program but there indu program was very small. I am considering going to grad. school. I love industrial but also enjoy architecture, but the 5 year program scares me. Are there any other options. I was thinking about sciarc in southern cal. I have also heard good things about art center. Let me know what you think thanks

I would go find work in the field first if you can, than make a decision on grad/5 year school. It will allow you to make a better choice on what you need (grad/5 year program) and pick the best program/school that is fitting to your needs. Otherwise your next post on here is going what are the top 5 design schools where I can study Architecture, and blah blah blah. Get the experience and that will answer a crap load of your questions and save you a gigantic amount of time and money. Even if it’s monkey work it will save you plenty of headaches down the road.