BS in ID or Transportation Design?

I’ve been thinking about starting going back to school to get a BS in ID. I’m 36 and recently retired from 13 years of law enforcement. ID seems very interesting to me and I’m researching the heck out of it, but I’ve just started doing so. I also have a passion for cars. Specifically, I’m very fond of car interiors. Would I be better off earning a BS in general ID, or just diving right into a BS in TD? Who does one branch off into a specialty, like automotive design, if they wanted to to get an ID design degree? I’m afraid that if I got a TD degree, I would be limited to only working around cars, thus limiting my employability. If I got a BS in ID, could I spend some time in the real world and get some job experience and then take additional schooling in TD? I’m still learning about all of this, so bear with me.




there’s a whole transportation section to these boards that will probably offer better advice. largely because it is so specialized and competitive one of the trans programs is about the only way into the feild, as you’ve proabably already realized.
In my opinion, it’s easier for a trans desinger to tranfer into mainstream ID than the other way around. that being said I should qualify that it seems nearly impossible to do the latter.