BS in ID AND BA in Transportation. Make Sense?

Hi all,

I’m just looking for some outside perspective on my situation. I have one year left at Arizona State in Industrial Design. From there I could either start working or pursue my true passion in transportation design.

I’ve heard and been told in the past that if your going into transportation you must be fresh out of school. Thus it would be wise to attend Art Center rather than work in ID for a couple years.

Is anyone in a similar situation or heard of anyone getting two bachelor degrees?

Also would it be worth its time and money, I know Art Center is good but how many of their trans graduates are actually getting placed in the industry?

Any insight would help!

The Auto Industry is super competitive. Even with fairly high turnover in the business there still aren’t enough job openings to give jobs to all of the transportation grads that are floating around.

Auto companies will hire ID grads, but typically more for interiors and other areas of design. The transportation degree will certainly help - but keep in mind the #1 factor to determine your ability to get a job will be your portfolio.

It’s also a lot about WHO you know. Getting a connection on the inside + an internship and having a kick ASS portfolio to show (a diverse portfolio of well designed transportation works and products is rare) then you’ll be able to get the job.

if your open to mass transit, ATV’s, jet ski’s - yachts, etc. their’s a lot more out there than just cars.

Ah - I see now that he never specifically said the auto biz I just instictively assume that most people who get into that field want to do cars.

it’s the obvious conclusion when asking about Art Center.

some of these areas are filled with car-washouts and some, like bikes are just as competitive as cars…I think someone could get into “trans” without a 2nd degree by just beefing up thier porfolio.

all very good points to consider, I appreciate it.

no spec,

Its funny that you mentioned the other alternative types of trans design because I am considering those as well.

As for developing a strong ID portfolio to get into the automotive field, I’m a bit hesitant. I’ve never heard or seen anyone make it into the industry just because they can draw cool cars. More and more it seems that the ‘Art Center’ name behind the degree plays a significant role as well.

I understand that a solid portfolio can get you places, but I’m just curious if anyone could reference someone doing it in the past. (that is entering the automotive field with just a BS in ID)

I very much doubt anyone in the feild started in a non car role - go ask in the transportation section…
It’s not so much the AC name as much as the connections - it’s a small feild and it’s who knows you and how you work day to day that gets you a job.

Whats up with transportation design just being about cars, bikes, boats, mass trans etc. Good trans design should get outside of the regular sketching and styling of vehicles. I feel like when your in school for trans it should really be about the next best way to get from point A to point B (in very simple terms of course).


In the context of discussing schools and majors its more relevant to refer to transportation design as cars, boats, mass trans etc.

It is a valid point to approach trans as an A to B process. Its funny to see these ultra “futuristic” concepts that are still relying on…4 wheels.

From what i heard you need a crash hot trans portfolio. If your portfolio is a little lacking with trans work, perhaps you could consider the time at art center as building your portfolio.

If not, you will have to do it anyway, whether with Art Center or not.