Brushed Stainless Steel

Looking to get a brushed stainless steel finish on a appearance model. The area is quite small, about 15mm by 50mm coming from a 3d printer . I’ve been told to get a metal type spray paint and use metal wool to rub it once it has dried a bit, however it sounds like it takes a bit of skill and practice.
Just wondering is there a better way to get this done or does anyone have a tutorial on the process above?

Also any recommendation for spray paints?


I think the tip you got sounded pretty straight forward. Why not try it out on a testpiece?
Another way would be to go to a local car body paint firm and ask for advice/help/paint.

Belton does some pretty good chrome spraypaint, in my opinion.


if the surface you are talking about is not too warped you could look into
metal plating. Gold plating is very well known, but other finishes are available
also. You might find what you need asking a local furniture or pottery restauration


thanks for the fast replies. Going to try the spray paint with steel wool. There will be one large cylindrical part to the model which could cause some problems. Ill see how this goes anyway!

15mm x 50mm x ??? (thickness).

Olds Kool model making; take a piece of stainless, or aluminum (even aluminum foil mounted to a substrat), and WET SAND IT … in one direction only with a drop or two of liquid-detergent in the water.

You can select your “finish” via whatever grit sand paper you want. Clean it with soap and water, and hit it with clear (gloss or mat). Mount the sandpaper on a block with 3M77, etc. or use a hard rubber flat-sanding block.

Easiest if flat, but if you use foil you can wrap it around cylindrical forms.

I’ve built more a few front-fascias for “Hi-Fi” equipment using that technique. A 15 x 50mm coupon shouldn’t take more than twenty minutes.

Sorry its about 4mm, for the small parts, theres also a 100mm by 33r cylinder cigar form. Sorry I’ve got no pictures on this laptop.
I was looking at foil option but think it might get a bit messy with the cigar shape.

I’ve got some spray today but it started to rain before I could start, found a few other threads on forums all kind of suggest the same process of sanding it down afterwards.

Cheers for all the help lads.

I would call a local sign shop and see if they have any brushed metal vinyl. I’ve used it successfully in the past and you can you a even work it around reasonably complex shapes with a heat gun or hair dryer. Hope this helps.