Brunel uni. & Lund uni.

Hey all,
I’ve been admitted at MSc integrated product design at Brunel (1year) and MA industrial design at IKDC Lund uni (2years).
I checked both the websites to see which kind of works/projects they work on. I like them both. I talked also with a guy who is studying in Lund and I had a good impression even though it’s a quite young programme.
What do you think about them?
Brunel is well-known in UK but it’s just 1year and 4400£ fees instead of Lund which is for free.
Any suggestion and opinion are welcome.


From what I have heard, Lund is a very capable school. One of my business partners attended it for her bachelors.
Also its location is very good, a beautiful part of Sweden and it’s a very lively student scene. Also Copenhagen, in my opinion hotter than ever in terms of culture and design, is just around the corner.

In terms of tuition fees, I would double check. Are you from an EU country? If not youmight have to pay at Lund a well.

Yes, i’m from Italy, thus no problem about fees. Lund is very attractive in terms of student life, university reputation, position and fees and you’re confirming that! I’ve also applied to Taik Helsinki but they will publish the results at the end of May and I can accept my place at Lund within 18th april! That’s a pity!

I sit next to a designer from Brunel and he’s top notch, but it might be more about him than the university.

Also, it might be hard to get an objective opinion unless someone has spent some time at both schools.

What I can share:

Brunel seems like it has a good design program, in the top 4 UK design universities, but it’s in a less than pleasant part of London. I’ve visited and the school was different as far as studio space/workshop culture/working hours than in the US… but it’s hard to know if that’s normal for the UK. I’ve know several good quality Alumni from there however - especially from the MA strategy program.

As for Lund; I’ve met a group of students from there who came to NASA to present some of their work in 08. They showed some nice creative stuff, mostly a sketch-foam model presentation, and it was impressive that they would travel all the way to Houston for the experience (it was part of a space design/architecture course they have there - very similar to RISD’s space arch studio). That’s all I really know about them.

You might want to get on LinkedIn and sort out graduates from both design schools and see where they ended up. You’re end goal is probably to get a good design job, so check out their alumni record…

good luck!

Hi all,
some news! I just received an email from Aalto Uni (Helsinki) and they are offering me a place for the MA Industrial and Strategic Design. The intake for 2011 is just 20people, so I’m really happy. This was the last response I was waiting for. Actually I’m really confused and I’m considering only the Scandinavian universities (not Brunel anymore). So the matter is: Sweden or Finland, Lund or Aalto? What do you think is better in terms of education, reputation, courses, city, life etc.?
I really need help and advices. Also I didn’t find a lot of recent projects from Aalto students, so if you know any website it would be great.
Thanks a lot

P.S.: I’ve already accepted the place at Lund just to secure the place (the deadline was 18th April), but I think it doesn’t matter, I can still decline.


You got that right.

So where did you go in the end?

I chose Lund. In the end the choice was between Lund and TAIK Helsinki. I wrote to some people who have studied in both and finally, since they are both good schools, I decided for the less expensive (in terms of rent and life cost) and more easily reachable with low cost flights one → Lund. Also I like the idea to live in a small student town but 40min away from a capital like Copenhagen. Furthermore, it’s not that cold as in Finland :slight_smile:
What do you think?

Congrats! I think Lund is a good school and I have seen some really good work coming out of there.
Also, I believe that IDEO in Munich likes to recruit interns from Lund as they have had good experiences with them, so if that is something for you, look out and try to make those connections early.

Thanks a lot. It would be great!
Anyway, even though the decision is made, what do you think about TAIK? Do you think it has a better reputation than Lund?

I’m sure you wont be disappointed :slight_smile:

Hi Posa88, actually I 've had the same situation with you 2 months before. But now I’ve decided to go to Lund ! Classmate, see you then!

Wow, see you soon then!

Send me a pm if you need assistance with anything. I’ll be there from time to time visiting my gf.

For example a short summary of what is gonna happen on the introduction weeks? Eheh
I mean, I saw this link on the school’s website but it’s just in swedish
There’s also a pdf with all the scheduled activities/courses till the end of August and even a link to a webpage to choose which courses you wanna pick up (I’m guessing, that website is in swedish as well)

The introduction-week is mainly for first year bachelor students I’d assume. As is most of the info on that page, which is why its in Swedish.

Should be something more for the new masterstudents, but doesnt seem so. I’m sure you will get some e-mail about what,where and when from one of the faculty secretaries.

hi posa88,
you can see ome info about the introduction week of master last year via this link,

they went Swiss last year, I just assume that there are some interesting event in this year as well~