Brunel / Loughborough

does anyone have any experiences or impressions from either of these universities?

i have got offers from both of them - and i have to make a choice.
i get the impression that loughborough is slightly ‘better’ on paper, but im not sure…

the course is Industrial/Design/Product Design




Apologies for the delay in replying to your earlier message.

What exact courses have you got offers on for Brunel & Lboro? Like you, I got offers from both - I chose Brunel in the end mainly because of the location and the atmosphere rather than the courses themselves. In terms of the actual courses, Loughborough clearly has more money to spend than Brunel on facilities and equipment. Brunel, however, at least at present, has much more of a “design school” atmosphere, since at the moment, all 400 design students live & work together on a separate campus, an old country house out in the countryside overlooking the Thames at Runnymede. This gives it a unique atmosphere, very intensely design-based, probably very introverted compared to other universities, but confident in its reputation. From this September, though, the design teaching will all be at the main Brunel site at Uxbridge, which is very similar to Loughborough in appearance (12,000+ students, concrete jungle, good facilities). This means that there will be more “distractions” in terms of other courses and interesting people! But many of the design students will still live at Runnymede & travel to Uxbridge (the aim has been to try and preserve some of the “design community” atmosphere) so you may well get the best of both worlds.

I know many people here at Brunel (students as well as staff) would dispute that Loughborough is “better” - but it’s up to you. They were both set up as universities at a similar time, after both being “Colleges of Advanced Technology” - so the emphasis of the teaching probably quite similar, quite commercially focused, with placements forming an important part of the course (certainly at Brunel - and I think probably at Lboro too). If you want to be close to London, then Brunel is better (tube station at Uxbridge); if you don’t mind spending more time on what is a vast campus with thousands of people all up to stuff, then Loughborough may be better.

If you do have any more questions then please let me know, & good luck!

at lboro i have an offer for BA/BSc Industrail Design and Technology
at brunel its either BA Industrial Design or BSc Product Design. at the moment im set for the PD course.

my DT teacher seems convinced that lboro would bea better choice purely on paper, but when i veisited both for interviews, Brunel seemd friendlier. as you said lboro have better faciliies, but ither things speak for brunel… argh!
i am leaning towards brunel, but im gonna wait about a week or so befroe i make up my mind finally.

would you mind if i also emailed you with detailed specific questions?

btw., which course are you on?

thanks allot


Exactly why I chose Loughborough, lol

…which is very similar to Loughborough in appearance (12,000+ students, concrete jungle, good facilities)

Hey watch with the concrete jungle… :slight_smile: There is lots of greenness… sports fields, for example… :confused:

–PS “GoodThinking” check your PM’s…

dotx3, I would be interested to know more about the impression you got from Loughborough - who did you interview with out of interest?

Did you make your decision yet? PM me or even better msn me if you have any questions, but I dont want to say things “out loud” (dont want ppl knowing who I am, lol)


One Tip here.

I went to Sheffield Hallam Uni and studied Product.

However, it was a specialist campus with only Art & Design students on it. I lived closer to town with non designers. I had the best of both worlds.
Paid for it by walking 3 miles every day though.

Weigh this up.

Do you want or do you like the introversion of a design school as a secret activity, that should be sectioned off or do you enjoy being with a diversity of people and other degrees that can benefit from ID as well as ID benefiting from them. Great ideas can come from some seriously weird places, people and questions from non-designers.

In the end, we (students) challenged this seclusion and the ID program is now down in the City, where the heart is, so to speak.

It is important to like the area you will be living in. I suggest re-visiting both again before deciding and look more at the surrounding areas. Amenities, social outlets, etc. Balance is important.

Loughborough is far from built up. It is practically countryside! I should know, I live ten minutes away!

erm, so is Brunel!!

[quote="Loughborough in appearance (12,000+ students, concrete jungle, good facilities). This means that there will be more “distractions” in terms of other courses and interesting people! [/quote]


Loughborough is not a “Concretre Jungle”

I was just setting the record straight, so dont get all defensive.

I am not trying to diss Brunel, I assure you.


Loughborough is not a “Concretre Jungle”

I was just setting the record straight, so dont get all defensive.

I am not trying to diss Brunel, I assure you.[/quote]

No dude, that’s not where i’m coming from…this is what i’m trying to say: Brunel is nothing near a concrete jungle, at least not when it’s still at runnymede campus…If Loughlorough is the really the way you described it, runnymede campus is along the same line.

BUT this will not affect any new students coming in, cos we’re moving to the main campus (the concrete jungle) this september. Yeh, definitely looking forward to more facilities.

So the conclusion is: What i mentioned here is totally irrevelent to the original intention of this tread :laughing: (I’m sorry i haven’t been following the whole tread until just)

Good luck to all Brunel/Loughborough wannabies! Do check out our degree show to better grasp what the Bruenl design programme is all about.

Whether or not it will be better for the students (more facilities), this is what Brunel’s design school looks like at present:

and this is what it will look like from September 2004:

Good job I’m leaving!

On the other hand, though, it will lead to a much less insular design student community. There will be more to do socially, other than climbing trees, chasing rabbits and sitting in kitchens and abandoned studios sanding yellow foam and filler…

in the end, i have opted for brunel…

simply because it made a better impression on me on the day of my interview, and they seem very close in terms of reputation etc.
another important factor was the possiblility of going abroud for a semester/year at brunel.

thanks for all your imput


hi there, i’m new around here - just wanted to see what was going on with my old college and saw a link to this forum

think you made a wise choice with Brunel

IMHO the overall ethic of design teaching there is the best in the UK (maybe the world)
They are so good now that they don’t even exhibit at the New Designers Expo anymore (weren’t there last year at least), for fear of people stealing designs and ideas

word of warning though - it is tough going, a LOT of hard work and yes quite isolated - you will eat sleep and breath design as will your peers - full respect if you make it through OK, your job offers will be great :slight_smile:

They are so good now that they don’t even exhibit at the New Designers Expo anymore (weren’t there last year at least), for fear of people stealing designs and ideas

You can’t be serious?! That’s what copy and design rights are in place for. It doesn’t say much if Brunels Legal dept’ are so scared of student designs getting stolen they’d rather not present them :confused:

New Designers is all about exposure and competition, and is one of the only nationwide student designer expo’s around.Winning any of the awards there is prestige and most likely leads to decent employment, and many top employers and manufacturers scout for talent there. If you don’t display you seriosuly miss out! It’s worth it for the experience alone.

I have no gripes with Brunel…it’s a fantastic place (along with loughborough) and are easily near the top of the pile. :smiley:

maybee brunel can’t cough up the fees to go…lol

maybee brunel can’t cough up the fees to go…lol

Here at Brunel the students pay for their own design show, just as they would have to pay to attend New Designers. The university doesn’t fund it.

Well, I am about to graduate from Loughborough, and I can say that I have been glad that I came here. The general opinion is that ID&T is the toughest course in the University. I got offers from Brunel too, but I just didn’t think I could hack the isolation.

We get to use all the other departments’ facilities, which is a major bonus. I don’t think there is much difference in the standard of teaching, or the advantage of reputation, both of which are good.

Loughborough town is this big -->| |<-- but it is friendly and open, and close to Nottingham. Sometimes I wish I had been in London, to be close to Camden Market. Such is life.

I know this won’t help anyone, I felt I should add my tuppenceworth. :slight_smile:

Interesting thread.Tought I could find someone to help me thru.I have just completed my architecture. I have applied for the foolowing.I intend to pursue my pg in Industrial Design.Need some help selecting the right school.

  1. Domus, Italy
  2. IED, Italy
  3. TuDelft, Holland
  4. Brunel, UK
  5. Loughborough, UK
  6. Salford, UK
  7. Edinburgh, UK
  8. Sheffield Hallam, UK
  9. Manchestor Metropolitan, UK.
  10. Domus ( Interiors).

I have been accepted into both the Industrial & Interiors program in Domus and the Industrial Design program in Salford and Loughborough and also into the industrial program at IED,Italy. I am awaiting results for the rest.

I would like to know which of these univs are the better and in what terms.pls guide me with ur inputs.

Thanks in advance


Salford is poo come to DMU…according to tangerine design guy were in the top 3 ‘premier league’ design unis in the UK.

any idea who the other 2 were?

I guess if your talking about “design unis” DMU has all the stuff in the fletcher building (with that fun yet annoying paternoster thingy) so it has more design stuff as a whole? Wait what am I talking about we have the School of Art and Design as well. Hmmmm

I am interested to know, what impression have you got of Loughborough versus others?

Where are you from? Do you have any preference for where you study? Or financial constraints? You say you have got accepted for Industrial and Interiors at Domus, are you particularly interested in the interiors bit?

I think in the end we are all likely to recommend our own, like Luke (dawolfman) just did!