BRP Spyder

Finally out:

It took five years to bring it out. Design at BRP R&D studios in Quebec, St.Bruno. (Now closed)

Any idea what the target market is? Will this get customers from touring bikes, or sportscars? Or is this just a way to get some attention before they release a line of motorcycles?

As for the design, it looks good, but a little too much like a ski-doo. For a vehicle that, to me, should look much lighter than a car, the front looks big and heavy. I can’t wait to see one in real life though to get a better perspective.

Lastly, from an internet search, $15000 US seems to be the likely price.

Oh, and Austrian dirtbike maker KTM leaks this car on the same day:

At $50,000 it costs alot more, but looks lighter and more mechanical. Basically, what a 4 wheeled sportbike would look like. It seems like this light sports-vehicle market is booming…everyone has a concept!


More on the VW GTi engined KTM concept car:

A little about the Can-Am Spyder, including the estimated price:

Futur competition, looks more fun :smiley: This was shown in June 2007

At 20,000 euro, the Brudelli is alot more than the BRP, and you get less bike. On the plus side though, it looks light and nimble, like I would expect from a vehicle like this. It’s interesting that the mechanicals are borrowed from a KTM too. They seem to be everywhere lately, off-road winning Dakar again, finishing 2nd in the 125 moto GP championship, 4th in 250 and looking to enter moto GP itself. Now it is looking at lightweight cars and inspiring other’s three wheeled machines. It feels like everyone is making a new vehicle these days!

I prefer the Brudelli, and would pay more for it, too. I was reading about the BRP yesterday and from what I gather there is no leaning into the turns; the mechanicals lend to a ride more akin to a car or at best a sled than to a motorcycle.

Plus I’ve grown tired of the superbike aesthetic, since graduating high school. Aerodynamics aside, I think there’s a lot more beauty in the display of the mechanicals than there is in bulking up the appearance and actual weight with all that extra (and pointless, imo) cladding.

The Brudelli seems much more in the zone. The overall is just much cooler. The design could be refined, but it feels like more of a three wheeled sport bike. The BRP looks a bit like a Seedoo ate a trailer…

I’d love to see a deconstructed cafe racer interpretation.

Another cool 3 wheel bike.

Link to the 3-wheeler

It seems to target the market that wants to experience the excitement of on-road powersports while mitigating the risk exposure. I would doubt sports cars. Any allusion to sports car in the ad copy seems to be misguided as the Spyder is obviously based on a motorcycle platform. The T-Rex, also motorcycle-based but laid out car-style, could be argued to target sport car driving.

BRP Can-Am Spyder First Look: Adventure Tourer?

Montreal, Canada

Most of the new 3 and 4 wheel recreational vehicles being introduced do look like more fun. On a scale ranging from utilitarian to wildly fun, the Can-Am Spyder would range more middle of the ground. It can be used to commute (has a generous front trunk). It can be used for sport riding. It can be used for sport touring. Heck probably for some adventure touring too. I wouldn’t imagine riding 800 miles of interstate on the Brudeli. But it’s concievable on the Spyder.

Something like the Brudeli and its variants seems like a lot of fun. They are further out at the edge of the entertainment scale.

BRP Can-Am Spyder First Look: Adventure Tourer?

Montreal, Canada

Spyder with more fun and power