BRP Embrio a reality

Well, just saw a preview on Discovery Channel of an electric unicyle that looked alot like BRP’s concept Embrio. It’s built by a 19 years! It’s called Uno. BRP did built a full size propotype but never revealed it to the public. For sure this young inventor was inspired by the Embrio.

Find some picts of the finished prototype!

Design wise, I think this is far cooler than the most recent Canadian supercars.

I read that it has a top speed of 60 km/h. So it could be good as a replacement for 50cc scooters. I’m really curious to see how this thing handles turns though. I didn’t understand until the last article that it has two wheels side by side. I would assume that it can’t lean into the corners and that would limit its ability.

However, I feel like a lazy good for nothing reading that the creator is 18. I don’t think I’ve accomplished that much in 30 years.

No you were wise enough to not spend meag time and demi money on a dry hole. On the up side, the kid has learned that pretty pics are cheap, fun and easy to do, prototypes are anything but.